Friday, January 19, 2018

Tour Mont Blanc - Part 3

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”  ~ Augustine of Hippo

Breakfast at Refuge "Elisabetta" was a little unusual. We had a lot of cookies and little bread. Every child would have been happy with it, but we were longing for something that could keep us going. Luckily we had coffee though. A lot of it. I think we missed it!

We made the decision to take the alternate route since a guide told us it was dangerous because of the strong wind. We said goodbye to the lovely refuge and started our short journey. The journey was beautiful and we didn't mind at all that we took this route. It was charming.

Bad luck again, storm. Thunder and lightning and a lot of rain. We decided to take shelter at Camping Noir. Luckily we met a companion. We talked and decided to take the bus to Courmayeur, which was the end of our destination today. After waiting 1.5 hour, the bus arrived.

In Courmayeur we ate Pizza. Jummy! The man who served us was so astonished to see a twin, he even asked for a picture. After that moment of fame we decided to search a store who could sell me a charger because mine was stolen in Refuge Elisabetta. Luckily I found one! We also bought two pairs of thighs, because we obviously didn't prepare for the cold weather.

We checked in in our hotel and noticed the weather was changing, so we took our camera and took some pictures. After that we just enjoyed to warm sun and the stunning view. We ended our day with a drink in a cozy cafe and went to bed early after a warm shower.

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