Wednesday, December 13, 2017

London - Part 2

"The most important decision you will ever make is to be in a good mood" ~ Voltair

This post is about day two of our citytrip to London. We followed the next route in our book: Time to Momo. We went to Oxford street where the map led us to a small side street. We would never have found St Christopher's Place without the help of the guidebook. It was a cozy small street with little shops and restaurants. Definitely worth a visit.

We passed by a wonderful bookshop as you can see in the pictures below. It was so charming and represented London for us. After our brief visit, we went to drink a warm cup of coffee in the 'Natural Kitchen". It is an organic coffee and lunch shop. It's has a vintage vibe and it's a perfect place to take a rest.

Later that day we entered Regent park. London has such amazing parks. When I was feeding a pigeon a squirrel came and took the bread, but didn't eat it. A few days later we brought nuts for them. They are so cute and tame! We were amazed by them.

Normally London zoo was on our schedule, but it closed at 4 o clock, so we decided to continue our walk to Primrose Hill. London zoo would be rescheduled to the next day.
Primrose hill had a breathtaking view! I think it would be a nice spot in the summer. Relaxing in the sun with a good book and a wonderful view.

I almost forgot to mention Maxwell. That's the name of the dog you see in the pictures. We met the owner James. He told us about his life in London and of course about his adorable dog.

We ended the day at convent garden and winter wonderland. Two places that blown our mind as well. London has so much to offer. You can't get tired of it!
Enjoy the picture!

What's your favorite place in London?


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Lovely photos!

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beautifully captured! <3 love the library

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