Saturday, September 30, 2017

Tour Mont Blanc- Part 1

"... if you knock knock me over, I will get back up again" ~ Trolls

Dear maddies, We've been out for a little while, because we were traveling around the Mont Blanc.
The pictures in this post are from day 2, because day 1 wasn't that spectacular.
As you can see there was a lot of snow we didn't prepare for. We started in a green valley and walked all the way up to this snowy mountain in a snowstorm. Like you can see in the picture below, we were wearing shorts and had no gloves.

Our journey started with a lot of courage, the snowy mountain was our main view for that day, not yet expecting we had to get to the top of it. As we started to climb and snow started to fall, we were astonished, not yet able to see what would be waiting ahead.

It was cold, but the cold didn't seem to bother us that much. All we wanted, was to reach the refuge. The climb was hard, but the challenge to stay on track was even harder. There was so much snow blocking our view that it was hard to find our way. We were luckily to not get lost, because other travelers apparently did. On our way we met two adventurers following the route in the other direction. They were wearing socks as gloves, and I think they noticed the enlightenment on our face when they explained the refuge was only a ten minute walk away. We stopped the day earlier then it was described in the book. We arrived in Refuge "de la croix", blue lips, now noticing how cold we actually were. The refuge was wonderful though! It was cozy, warm and primitive. All the food had to be brought there by helicopter. Electricity, warm water and drinks were scarce. Which was why we had dinner with candlelight. We talked with the other travelers and went to bed early.

The pictures of the snowy mountain were taken in the morning, since you couldn't see a thing that evening.  We were happy we stayed, because otherwise we would have missed this scenery! It was breathtaking, don't you agree. We were ready to start day 3 with new energy.

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