Thursday, June 22, 2017


"Not all those who wonder are lost" - J.R. Tolkien

Wednesday I went to a friends house to take care of six little kittens.He went to France for a month and asked me to keep an eye on them. He lives on a farm which is located in the peaceful nature of my city.
When I was on my way home I heard a cat screaming. I searched for a couple of minutes and then I found him: Pattoux. All alone in the grass, screaming for his owner.

Now the little fellow is living in my house and I'm searching for someone who wants to take care of him. I'm not allowed to have cats or dogs in my apartment. His character is nice and he loves the attention me and my sister gave him.

I contacted a voluntary organisation and they came to pick Pattoux up a few days later. We hope they find a nice friendly person for him soon.

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