Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Harry Potter

'We must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy' ~J.K Rowling

Me and my sister went to 'Harry Potter in Concert'. We were very excited to see the first movie of Harry Potter again with live music.
We decided to be a tourist in our own country, so be booked a hotel room in Antwerp, where we stayed after the concert.
I must say it was a very nice experience. The music was beautiful. Sadly the room was to big. Though we had a good place, we couldn't see the musicians from close.
After the concert we went for a cocktail in 'Applemans'. A well know cocktail bar in Antwerp. We talked about the music and our childhood. It was a perfect weekend.

Me and my sister are sorted in Huffelpuf. Which of the four houses are you sorted in? 


Shannon Boyce said...

That concert sounds so interesting! What a great way to enjoy Harry Potter :)

Laura Jones said...

ah, harry potter with live music sounds so good! i'd love that, especially in a more intimate theatre where you'd be able to properly hear it. and i love he notebook and the drawings. i'm a ravenclaw! xx

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