Thursday, February 23, 2017

Let's Start With Breakfast

~"It's not a diet, it's called eating healthy"

I started eating muesli in the morning combined with fresh fruits. Normally I don't eat in the morning and I wanted to change that.
So I did some research about muesli, which is very popular at the moment. A healthy breakfast should include +/- 400 kcal.
Choosing a healthy muesli is not that simple. Because it can contain a lot of sugar. 
You should look carefully at the package of your muesli. The product should contain 350 kcal per 100grams and the percentage of fat should be less than 10 grams.
Your muesli should contain 50 to 70% off grains. I read about a simple trick to found out which product is most present in the package. The product that is written first, is most present. So chose the one who mentioned the grains first and the extras last.

Hope you liked this post. Stay healthy!

Written by Paris 


Louise said...

Mmmm, that looks like one healthy and delicious breakfast. I usually skip it because I don't have time :s should consider this though. :)

Ma Cherie D said...

I have similar breakfst, yes like you said it is so difficult to find good one. I ADORE one granola's but they are not the best choice and I don't eat it. Best is to take simple oats and add yourself fruits or nuts, whatever you like :)

Joanne said...

Ik eet ook graag fruit in de ochtend :) Vooral met kwark en kaneel!

Kara said...

This looks so good! It's such a great idea, I'll have to give it a try x.

Kara x

Live-Style20 said...

so magic look ; -_))))

i invite to me too

Laura | lajoiedevivre said...

That is a good trick :) I'm trying to eat healthier, just not really succeeding yet..

Lana said...

Ontbijt is denk ik wel mijn meest favoriete maaltijd van de dag! Eet ook graag yoghurt met muesli, moet alleen wel wat meer fruit eraan toevoegen!

Unknown said...

Mmmm ziet er lekker uit!
Ik probeer zoveel mogelijk gezond te eten en dit ziet er echt goed uit! X

Petra said...

Mmm, ziet er lekker uit! Ik moet wat meer 's morgens degelijk en gezond ontbijten, meestal eet ik een koekje in de auto ofzo!

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