Monday, February 20, 2017

How to wear Maxi Skirts during Winter

"Orange? Like Effie's hair?' I say. "A bit more muted," he says. "More like a sunset kind of orange" ~ Suzanne Collins

I always loved maxi skirts. Mostly they are worn during summertime, but the trend this year made it possible for us to wear them in the winter period as well. You can combine it in different ways. I styled it with a comfy sweater, designed shorter in the front and longer in the back. A pair of comfortable ankle boots were the ideal fit, because of the long walks we had yet to do in Antwerp.

We went to the water to watch the sunset. It was beautiful. The colour was warm and made me disappear for a few seconds. It was a moment from pure intern happiness.
Orange is a colour that send out an enormous amount of energy. It gets his meaning out of the colours yellow and red. It stimulates you to think positive, be creative and helps you to get a good mood.

So if you are feeling down, go and search for a orange kind of sunset. Have a nice day maddies.

Wearing: Skirt and Sweater: H&M - Shoes: New Look

Written by Paris


Alexandra • ilumuoti said...

Lovely look & photos! :)

xx Alex

MILEX said...

Ma Cherie D said...

You are so beautiful!!!!

Louise said...

These pictures are beautiful. And good to know what the color orange does to you! Adore the skirt combined with that sweater. Loves, Louise

Marielle | About That Blonde said...

Mooie foto's!

Arjanne said...

Ahh i love your look! The sweater and the skirt are such a good combination! & the photos are so beautiful too!

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