Saturday, May 14, 2016

You can reclaim your crown

"You don't get what all this is about. You're too wrapped up in your self doubt!"

A while ago Paris and I went to Geel to have lunch. Geel has a wonderful park, so we took a little stol through it on our way to the city center. There were ducks with ducklings, birds flying everywhere and the sunlight was filtering through the sky magically!
I adore spring because things grow and everything becomes incredibly beautiful. It almost seemed like it was snowing, because the seeds of the willow catkins were soaring in the air. I can believe it isn't much fun for people with allergies, but to us it was breathtaking.
Our lunch was light, we ate croques at "De Post". It's a very good restaurant! They also sell the best iced coffees! We this time wisely waited to drink them after our lunch.
Later we just enjoyed the sun at Paris apartment.

What do you like to do in spring?


Kate said...

Amazing post ! Would you like to follow each other?

Paola Lauretano said...

Lovely pics!!!!!!!!!!! <3!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kisses, Paola.


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Jenna Opsahl said...

These photos are so lovely and sparkly! I love the title "Reclaim your crown", so perfect.

the chilicool said...

Great post, lovely photo!

Irene Aspas said...

Awesome post and photos!! <3 Love it!!

Bina Nöhr said...

Nice pics and a lovely place!

Irreplaceable_fashion said...

Beautiful photos:) Sweet girl:)

Noor Unnahar said...

LOVE your photos. I adore spring so much. All those bright skies and flowers around make me so happy <3

Noor | Noor's Place

Brenda evans said...

lovely shots <3

Jessi Malay said...

So inspired!

XO, Jessi

Enara Girl said...

Very cute pictures. xoxo

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