Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Elf Fantasy Fair 2015

"The moon drowns out all but the brightest stars" ~ J.R.R Tolkien

Ever wondered what a fairytale would look like in real live? Well, I think I found my fairytale world in Elf Fantasy Fair, Like Emma  Swan from "Once Upon a Time" did find Storybrook, . A magical world with a medieval touch. I was invited by Cathy (from ) who was dresses as Grell from Kuroshitsuji. I decided to go as Red Riding Hood. Romy (from )  could come as well so we talked and had a lot of fun.

"Even the smallest person can change the course of the future" 
~ J.R.R Tolkien

The whole setting of this event is just overwhelming and I don't know if I can describe it any different then magical. You are surround by characters from your favorite movies, series,... I adore the "Lord of the Rings" characters! Besides that I also met some awesome cosplayers from "Once Upon a Time" (Regina and the Wicked witch.) I even got a picture with them, which made me very happy and me as Red Riding Hood didn't really fall out of place. The theme "Game of Thrones" probably made this event even better (though I'm sad that I missed the 'Lord of the Rings' theme though. But there were so many characters from this series and also music and of course a special stand with dragon eggs!!! I saw several amazing persons dressed as  John Snow too.  Romy kindly treated me with lunch, and there was so much to choose from and it tasted delicious. We took pictures, bought fantasy books, two rings and I as well bought a elegant spoon with a beautiful gem as souvenir.

Though the weather wasn't perfect, it still was an unique experience. I almost forget to tell you about what truly made my day. I desperately wanted to see/meet Jack Sparrow and I was just telling Romy about it and there he was. He or perhaps she, was such a wonderful cosplayer!  Well, I'm definitely going back next year. Thank you Romy and Cathy for the amazing day and meet you there next year. ^__^


Enara Girl said...

I would love to go to a place like that. You know that I love cosplay. I hope that one day I can go. You look amazing. xoxo

Laura said...

this sounds like so much fun! and the photos look amazing. although, i'm not really into cosplaying, i think i'd love to go to an event like this as i love things like lotr and got etc! your red cape looks beautiful, as well:-) xx

Panty Buns said...

You look stunningly pretty as Little Red Riding Hood in the fourth photo! Your hooded red cape looks like it's made of velvet. Romy and Cathy look pretty in that last photo. The setting in the green field by the woodlands and castle looks well suited for the Elf Fantasy Fair 2015. It looks like you had a nice time participating.

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ice pandora said...

This Elf Fantasy Fair sounds FUN!
I have been into game/anime/manga
ones but I'd love to see this kind
of fair too c:
You as Roodkapje is so cute!!

Jolijn said...

OOOh wat leuk! Je zag er echt prachtig uit! Ik ga, zegmaar in 5 min. seizoen 4 van Once Upon a Time afkijken en ik ben heel erg benieuwd naar de foto met Regina en Zelina! Wil je die nog een keer posten?

Jack Sparrow is echt goed gelukt inderdaad! Ik zou 'm een knuffel geven. Vooral als het echt Johnny Depp was ;p Dat droomde ik laatst nog *sorrynotsorry*.

Ik ben recentelijk als Mad Hatter door het leven gegaan, voor een dag. Echt zo leuk om een keer in de huid (kostuum in dit geval) van een personage te kruipen! Ik denk dat ik volgend jaar ook maar naar een fantasy fair ga :)

Nog bedankt trouwens voor je ontzettend lieve reacties op mijn blog. Ik werd er helemaal vrolijk van!

Beauty Follower said...

Wow awesome post!!!

lovepirate said...

Woah, it looks so good there! *_* The atmosphere seems amazing and simply love the pictures you took. <3

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