Sunday, October 26, 2014

Look how high we can fly

London: "I lost myself today, all work, no time to play. I'm holding on to what I know."

Hello dear maddies. Sorry for the long absence. A lot is happening, but I'll explain that in a different post. Now I want to write about my week with Romy. Romy invited me over to her place in the Netherlands. I was happy to come. After a trip from about 6 hours, I arrived at Romy's place. I arrived late in the afternoon, so we especially relaxed. On Sunday we went to the Orchids garden. It was truly an amazing experience The flowers were beautiful, the butterfly garden was magical and I can't forget the mesmeric birds that came to you when you fed them. Besides that there was a wild animal show with snakes and crocodiles. I took a lot more pictures, but these will give you an impression.

Monday and Tuesday we were at home, studying, dancing,... Monday evening we went to the cinema for Romy's birthday with some of her classmates. We watched the movie Maze Runner. It was a good movie! Definitely worth watching. I'm curious about the book and I hope it will continue with a second movie. Romy also helped me with my pattern for my secret cosplay, she actually learned me how to make patterns. We also petted the cute cats (they have 4 cats. Oly, Loubas, Dourac and Koen. Romy, do correct me if I misspelled them.) Romy also learned me how to work with Worbla. Overall, we were having creative fun. We didn't even got the chance to make our huge drawing.
On Wednesday we traveled to buy fabrics for our costumes. After having bought our fabrics we drove to Rotterdam to have dinner for Romy's birthday. It was sooo delicious and I ate so much X'D, Romy even learned to take pictures, and she learns soooo quickly *O*  These pictures were taken in the restaurant!

After dinner we went to the 'Secret'. I really had no idea. But Rotterdam at night was fabulous! It was breathtaking. I never imagined it would be so beautiful. When we came closer, we arrived at our destination. The theater to watch 'War Horse'! I can really recommend this play! The story was beautiful and the horse puppets almost looked real. It was a wonderful surprise! Thank you everybody! I really enjoyed it. On Thursday we worked on our costumes, studied, I played Dominion with Romy's brother. I can't recall when, but I also played on the Wii. Overall I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed my stay! Thank you Romy for the amazing week.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Inspiration: K is for Kani

~ Ed Sheeran -

London: "You're on the other side as the skyline splits in two. I'm miles away from seeing you."

, I have been following this blog for a while now. As I grow, my style is changing and Connie her style is just what I love! Every outfit is perfect! She knows how to combine colors, fabrics,... everything. I admire her so much. Connie is a 22 year old blogger who's currently basses in Melbourne, Australia. This talented lifestyle and fashion blogger also owns a shop with handcrafted . She also updates her crafts on her blog.  I just felt like sharing her blog since I adore it soooo much!

Besides that I unfortunately have bad new. Me and my family went to the veterinarian because our dog didn't walk properly on his leg. Apparently our dog has problems with his knee joints in both legs. So the knees in both legs get dislocated, which has lots of bad consequences if he doesn't get a surgery soon. The correct name for it is: Luxating Patellas.  It might turn out that she can't walk anymore. It apparently happens a lot with small dog, but breeders don't seem to care and the veterinarian told us there hasn't been a research that has proven it was heritable, so you can't actually give the breeder a complaint, since it isn't proven and it is allowed by the law. Isn't that sad! I was very mad when I heard that and sad too. Luckily our dog Ponyo gets a surgery this Friday already for the leg with the worst condition. Than she can't walk for 3 weeks. After three weeks she can start walking slowly, but only after two months when everything goes well, she can walk again. After that her other leg needs a surgery. Besides that, it costs a lot of money! I especially feel sad for her, because she loves running and playing, jumping and she can't do that anymore for at least 5 to 6 months! I hope there will be a proven research soon, because it very sad for the animals!

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