Sunday, June 1, 2014

Geo Angel Green Lenses

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Hello Everybody, I want to show you a quick review about these beauties. The green lenses from . As you perhaps can remember, I have already reviewed another pair of the '' Check it out if you like. I promise I will make another review with these lenses soon, but as you know: We're in exams. I had taken this picture a while ago and thought it was time to share it with you guys.

The lenses are called: "". They are very comfortable, I wore them for like 5 hours and they didn't irritate my eyes.  9/10
  • I think this colors is just amazing. I have dark brown eyes, so those are definitely my best lenses considering color!  9/10
  • The base curve = 8.6 mm and as you perhaps know, this is rather good since the curve of yours should be 8.9 mm in general. (When it's less, it means that the lens is tight to your eyes, meaning there will be less oxygen and more pressure onto you cornea. This can damage you eyes. I advise you to pay attention to this.) 7/10
  • Diameter: 14.2 mm. I do think this size is great for me. Not the hard to put in. I suggest when you start with lenses, you start with a Diameter like this. When the diameter of lenses are bigger, they are harder to put in and allow less oxygen.  8/10
  • Water Content: 40%. This is rather well, because most circle lenses have a 35%. A true soft lens should allow 50% to 99% of oxygen . I'm glad this lens is more, the more water content, the better it is for your eyes. 7/10
  • Type: 1 year disposal. I adore that you can use them for one year, but ones they start hurting or irritation I advise you to trow them away!!
  • Prescription: we didn't do this, but it's definitely a plus when you are wearing glasses!
  • What we love as well is that it comes with a lens case! Which is of course very handy! Also I advise you to take a good solution! (No Hema, No Kruitvat! Highly advised, do not try it!) 
  • Geocolouredlenses also has a , very hand if you start! 
Check out for more lenses ^-^


Prisilia Felicia said...

you look really pretty! :)
for me the color is more like a mixture between blue and green, but I must agree that it matches your skin & hair color well >__<~ oh, and the diameter makes it look natural. I like!! hehe ♥♥

Daphne said...

Wow, these look amazing. The color is perfect for you c:

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: great colors.. We keep in touch

Nagareboshi said...

The colour is amazing and looks super on you! ^__^

Lien Steyaert said...

Wow the colour really suits you! Although it doesn't look really natural, it is very nice!

Sephie Rojas said...

The lens color is insanely gorgeous. Geo lenses never fail \o/ They look really good on you :D

Strawberry Bunny

Maya Bogaert said...

Wauw die geven echt supermooi! Ik ben echt veel te bang om lenzen in te doen :p

CharloJiho said...

I really love the color of your lenses !

Inês Silva said...

they look really amazing, that colour is something between reality and fantasy, love it :D

Keyti Villanueva said...

Hi dear, I nominated you for the
Sunshine Blog Award
here is the link to my post:

Ms. Kei

Milex said...

wow i love it !

lovepirate said...

They're great and so vibrant. *_* Much love. Suit you so well.

Milu Sosa said...

What a great way to change your look! those green contact lenses look so beautiful on you! Thanks so much to both of you for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment on my blog. I'm following you two on Bloglovin and Facebook, I hope you guys can follow back to keep in touch.


Ollyvia Laura Arnold said...

anyway, would you like to follow each other on gfc/bloglovin and instagram?


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