Sunday, May 25, 2014


~ Allison Iraheta -

London: "It doesn't matter who you are, we all have our scars."

Hello dear maddies! This weekend I went to Isabell. We had a sleepover and took some pictures again. Our theme 'Nymph', or at least inspired by nymphs. I'm very satisfied how all the pictures turned out. We will be showing you some more soon. I rewarded myself with some free time this weekend because my internship had ended and I'm very happy everything went so well! The wig is from I think I already expressed my love for wigs and especially this one. It can give an outfit a totally different look, and especially for the fairy-like shoots, it gives the perfect touch. The white dress from looks so dreamy and romantic. It's the perfect summer dress for me. You can see my sister wear it . Besides, I'm finally wearing the fake eyelashes from . Don't they look amazing! ^___^ I will write a whole report about my weekend soon and montage a video as well. Anyway, I will take some time to reply all of your amazing comments!!! Love you all and stay healthy (and mad!)!  xxx London
Dress: Wig; Shoes: Steve Madden - Headband: DIY - Lashes:

Sunday, May 11, 2014

I wanna know if staying Is better than goodbye

~ The common Linnets -

London: "Oooh, skies are red and blue. I'm thinking about you here in the calm after the storm. There ain't nothing new here in the calm after the storm."

It's been a while dear mad readers! We are very sorry, but I don't do much more than working for school. Paris is barley home, so I spend most of my days at home alone, so pictures are hard to be taken on my own of new outfits. I do deeply apologize. I haven't shown there pictures I have taken of the two lovely twin sisters Hannah and Charlotte (who has returned from her internship in Boa Vista. Welcome back dear!!!). I loved how they looked like Anna and Elso so naturally and that's why I wanted to do a themed "frozen" shoot. I experimented with outfits and make-up and this is what came out of the Anna outfit. I believe Charlotte looked stunning even though she preferred here hair to be lose. Charlotte, I hope you liked the pictures as much as I do and wish you all the best in Belgium again. ^_^ Loves, London
ps: I noticed I still need to photoshop a few disturbing details. XD

Skirt: Mango - Black Dress: Think Twice

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