Saturday, March 29, 2014

For you I would perform all day and night

~ Lizz -

London: "it's okey, it's alright, my tricks are gonna take your fears away. If your tears lead you to drown, I shall be around. It's alright, it's okey! Don't mind, I'm going fine, I've never cried, I'm not hurt by any fall."

Hello maddies out there. I hope you are all doing well. I know I have already introduced my sweet "Bubblegum" or "Bubbles", but I couldn't resist showing this cutie ones again. Besides that I wanted to show you guys this amazingly beautiful corset from "". It arrived very quickly, I believe it was 5 days. The details and quality of this corset is just tooo amazing. The corsets is called: "". As you know I always been fond of the Victorian age and Emilie Autumn, who clearly inspired herself on this age as well. This was just the corset I was looking for, light and romantic. It's so dreamy and you can style it in so many ways. The first way we wanted to show you was obviously the romantic one. If you ever wanted to buy a corset, but always wondered whether you should or shouldn't, I totally suggest you should. You can find really cheap corsets for a great quality and for the girls with a little more money, you can get a large variety of corsets to choose from. I somehow adore the very much as well. ^_^ Have you guys every worn a corset, or would love to have one? Ow, don't you think these lenses from look so great with this outfit?

Corset:  - Dress:  - Socks: H&M - Lenses: - Headband: DIY

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Never Let Me Go

Goodday dear mad readers!!! Here I (Paris) am back with a  new outfit post! I hope you like it! My pony is growing, so this headband is very handy to hide it! I love it! It's just the perfect touch for an outfit! The headband is made by a very sweet girl named Jane. She has an online shop, which you can visit at : She is really talented in what she does and the quality is also wonderful!
I'm busy painting and I like what I'm doing. I have a wonderful boyfriend and sister who make my happy, so I do not complain these days! How are you doing?

Paris is wearing: Skirt : Chicwish - Shoes: New Look - Headband: - Bag: h&m - Blouse: Romwe

Monday, March 24, 2014

Taiwanese Dinner

~  - Ritsuka

London: "Hello! I opened my window and whispered. How are you?"

A while ago  we went out to eat Thais. We had never ate it before, but heard a lot of good things about it. We went to a tiny Taiwanese restaurant in 'China Town' in Antwerp. The staff was very friendly and helped us a lot with choosing a wonderful dish. The dinner was amazing and I never ate something so delicious! The curry was wonderful and one day I'm certainly going back to taste it again. The restaurant was beautifully decorated. It's wasn't big, but it was very cozy. If you're in Antwerp and want to eat Thais, you should  definitely eat there.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I'm getting what I'm dreaming of

~ Frozen -

London: "For the first time in forever there'll be magic, there'll be fun!"

Hello dear maddies. Sorry for the delay of posts, but as you perhaps have read and seen in the posts below, we're pretty busy. First of all I (London) have internship and yes, 'free time' is barely in my dictionary. Besides that I focus on the performance for Abunai in summer, since I want to dance as perfect as I can. Besides that I want my cosplay for 'Made in Asia' to be wonderful. I also started running with Paris again, since I have a loooooot of stress and sleeping problems (like always). I hope to get more sleep and be more healthy if I run. It's really fun. Besides those things I try to save time to blog. It's been a while since we have taken outfit pictures, but we always do our best to get some time to photograph, edit and write. I adore how my hair looks red in these pictures and it's been a while since I've worn this super cute blouse from Urban Outfitters and skirt from H&M. Don't you think this bow from looks super adorable! ^3^ The weather is so nice, so I was able to wear it just like this. :)  I hope you're having a nice week.

Skirt and Socks: H&M - Blouse: Urban Outfitters - Shoes: River Island - Bag:  - Bow

Monday, March 3, 2014


Hello dear mad readers! You all know that I, Paris, am learning to snowboard since a few months ago, because I’m going on a trip to the snow in April. So exciting! I love to see the mountains! Now I found a lovely shop with a lot of snowboard equipment online. The shop is called ‘’ and it is a lifestyle store. It has fashion clothing, but also surfboards, ski’s, snowboards, skateboards and a lot more! So the shop has diversity, which is a plus point in my opinion. They also have 900 brands to choose at, like Adidas, Burton, Roxy (my favorite!) , O’ Neill, Vans, Nike, …

For people who are living in the UK, delivery is free. If you're not from the Uk, but you order above £75.00 can enjoy a free delivery as well! If you want to ship to Europe and your order is under £75.00, shipping’s aren’t that expensive. It’s £4.95. When you’re not at home to receive your package a courier will leave a card explaining where you package is. They will leave it to your nearest post office.  


At the moment there is a huge sale at the shop up to 60%, with is very nice! So if you need something, I recommend you to check out the store! It will end tonight, so be quick! 


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