Friday, December 12, 2014

Are you coming to the tree?

~ - Taylor Swift

"Is yesterday we were just children, playing soldiers just pretending, dreaming dreams with happy endings"

As I said in my previous post, I'm currently drowning in reading books. I got the book "Mockingjay' from St. Nicholas and I can't stop reading. I got it in English because I wasn't really font of the translated versions and so I can also improve my language skills. I just love the way she can describe feelings, surroundings and how the writer (Suzanne Collins) manages to take you in the story like your part of it. This book is brimmed with darkness, hope, and it's just the thing I love, rough reality and bravery and a "roadmap of emotions".

"Are you, are you
Coming to the tree
They strung up a man
They say who murdered three.
Strange things did happen here
No stranger would it be
If we met at midnight
In the hanging tree."

Who doesn't want to be a brave girl to lead a revolution. Katniss wouldn't, but we can admit we all admire her courage, love, and being able to speak what's on her mind. I remember the time I dared doing that I ended up being desperate almost the entire summer, and I haven't fully recovered from it yet. I guess that's why I love all those strong characters who wear their tragedies as armor, not shackles. It can be compare with reality and how I wish for a revolution in our country (in the world) where everybody is treated fair, and on equal levels, I know how hard I, others can hope or protest, it's not going to happen, not in one hundred years. We are placed in a world where you either have power or you don't. Anyway, the watercolors you see here are made by me, I hope you like them.

Cat Tights


"We hold up to an idea and we'll fight what we can't see. We just hold up to an idea, we keep going till we can't hear"

I have nothing special to say actually. Winter is finally coming and I really hope there will be snow. Besides that I'm escaping in diffrents worlds books alway me to wander through. I'm calming myself with painting some aquarels. I dance and try to make choreography to relax myself. Also I went to buy presents for Christmas. Have you already gone Christmas chopping?
This outfit is rather classic. A blouse with a leather skirt and the cat tights (Thank you Maiko!!!) to make it more adorable. As you can see I also died my hair again, but I'm really doubting to actually change it into black or dark brown. Anyway. I don't have much time and I apologize for the lack of post again X'D. I hope you all are doing well! x London

Sunday, November 30, 2014

If we met at midnight in the Hanging Tree

~ Mockingjay -

"Are you, are you coming to the tree, they strung up a man, they say he murdered three.

I went to see The Hunger Games - Mockingjay Part 1 with my sister. We held a marathon at her house first (yes, she moved out! I'm a little sad though, but I guess that's life) and it was really fun! I was against The Hunger Games at first, since it looked so much like Battle Royale, but after watching the movie a few times I started to enjoy the ridiculous capitol with their theatrical fashion sense. I adore Katniss bravery and how she stays true to herself the whole time. Her personality is strong and can hardly be influenced by others. I look up to her personality and wish I could be strong, like her. That is why I decided to do one of the make-up looks of Katniss Everdeen. I've chosen the Catching Fire Capitol Party Look. I hope I can make the dress too when my embroider skills are a little better because the details of that dress are stunning! I guess it will take me ages to draw the design of those details, but I'm definitely looking forward to it. I also adore her Mockingjay costume in the third movie. The snake skin texture, the details on the back that form feather, the design of the bow and arrows. It really suites her. Anyway, I hope you like this make-up look. Do you have a favorite dress, look of Katniss Everdeen, or do you have any other favorite character. Effie is pretty awesome too right? 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Lays Oven Stars

~ Ed Sheeran -

"But both of our hearts believe all of these stars will guide us home"

Christmas is coming closer and closer, and I bet a lot are already thinking what they will cook or already decided where to go out. I always look forward to Christmas since I love the cozy and warm atmosphere and all the lights that will brighten up the streets.
On Christmas Eve everything has to be in the Christmas theme, don't you think? So what is better than these Lays Oven Starts? I think they look adorable and taste great too! The little lays book gives a few recipes, but since I adore avocados sooo much, I decided to make guacamole. What did I use:

  • 1 Avocado
  • 1/4 Lemon (a lime is usually used)
  • Pepper and salt
  • Garlic
  • Tabasco 
You start with Cutting the avocado in half so you can easily get the pit out by pressing your knife in it and pulling it out. Than you can use a spoon to scoop the avocado. After that you can flatten it by using a fork. Add a little garlic, 1/4 lemon, pepper and salt and Tabasco. Mix it all together and you're done! Enjoy! ^_^ 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Can you hear me out there?

~ Nana - 

London: "It keeps coming back to me. I remember this pain. It spreads across my eyes. Everything is dull. Everyone's smiling, they're smiling. It pushes me far far away. I can't understand. Everything is blue."

What can I say. This blog is losing it's motivation, probably because we are very busy and a lot of stress is overflowing me. I'm tired everyday, I have problems with my neck, I have trouble sleeping. I try to eat healthy everyday, walk, but I guess nothing really helps. The hardest problem is, that I always keep everything for myself. Be hard and try to be strong while I'm not. It's mentally very tiresome. Anyway, these picture were taken a while ago. I inspired myself on Korean Streetstyle since I adore the style very much now. Do you have a kind of streetstyle you like very much?

Shoes: - Blouse: H&M - Skirt: New Look - Glasses:

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Look how high we can fly

London: "I lost myself today, all work, no time to play. I'm holding on to what I know."

Hello dear maddies. Sorry for the long absence. A lot is happening, but I'll explain that in a different post. Now I want to write about my week with Romy. Romy invited me over to her place in the Netherlands. I was happy to come. After a trip from about 6 hours, I arrived at Romy's place. I arrived late in the afternoon, so we especially relaxed. On Sunday we went to the Orchids garden. It was truly an amazing experience The flowers were beautiful, the butterfly garden was magical and I can't forget the mesmeric birds that came to you when you fed them. Besides that there was a wild animal show with snakes and crocodiles. I took a lot more pictures, but these will give you an impression.

Monday and Tuesday we were at home, studying, dancing,... Monday evening we went to the cinema for Romy's birthday with some of her classmates. We watched the movie Maze Runner. It was a good movie! Definitely worth watching. I'm curious about the book and I hope it will continue with a second movie. Romy also helped me with my pattern for my secret cosplay, she actually learned me how to make patterns. We also petted the cute cats (they have 4 cats. Oly, Loubas, Dourac and Koen. Romy, do correct me if I misspelled them.) Romy also learned me how to work with Worbla. Overall, we were having creative fun. We didn't even got the chance to make our huge drawing.
On Wednesday we traveled to buy fabrics for our costumes. After having bought our fabrics we drove to Rotterdam to have dinner for Romy's birthday. It was sooo delicious and I ate so much X'D, Romy even learned to take pictures, and she learns soooo quickly *O*  These pictures were taken in the restaurant!

After dinner we went to the 'Secret'. I really had no idea. But Rotterdam at night was fabulous! It was breathtaking. I never imagined it would be so beautiful. When we came closer, we arrived at our destination. The theater to watch 'War Horse'! I can really recommend this play! The story was beautiful and the horse puppets almost looked real. It was a wonderful surprise! Thank you everybody! I really enjoyed it. On Thursday we worked on our costumes, studied, I played Dominion with Romy's brother. I can't recall when, but I also played on the Wii. Overall I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed my stay! Thank you Romy for the amazing week.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Inspiration: K is for Kani

~ Ed Sheeran -

London: "You're on the other side as the skyline splits in two. I'm miles away from seeing you."

, I have been following this blog for a while now. As I grow, my style is changing and Connie her style is just what I love! Every outfit is perfect! She knows how to combine colors, fabrics,... everything. I admire her so much. Connie is a 22 year old blogger who's currently basses in Melbourne, Australia. This talented lifestyle and fashion blogger also owns a shop with handcrafted . She also updates her crafts on her blog.  I just felt like sharing her blog since I adore it soooo much!

Besides that I unfortunately have bad new. Me and my family went to the veterinarian because our dog didn't walk properly on his leg. Apparently our dog has problems with his knee joints in both legs. So the knees in both legs get dislocated, which has lots of bad consequences if he doesn't get a surgery soon. The correct name for it is: Luxating Patellas.  It might turn out that she can't walk anymore. It apparently happens a lot with small dog, but breeders don't seem to care and the veterinarian told us there hasn't been a research that has proven it was heritable, so you can't actually give the breeder a complaint, since it isn't proven and it is allowed by the law. Isn't that sad! I was very mad when I heard that and sad too. Luckily our dog Ponyo gets a surgery this Friday already for the leg with the worst condition. Than she can't walk for 3 weeks. After three weeks she can start walking slowly, but only after two months when everything goes well, she can walk again. After that her other leg needs a surgery. Besides that, it costs a lot of money! I especially feel sad for her, because she loves running and playing, jumping and she can't do that anymore for at least 5 to 6 months! I hope there will be a proven research soon, because it very sad for the animals!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Look how high we can fly

~  - Barbie

London: "Take time to make time stop. Unplug, turn off the clock, the less you try the more it flows"

Hello dear mad readers! I know it has been a while again, but my sister Paris is very busy and school has started for me too. I feel so bothered that our blogging routine is slacking of so badly, but anyway, here is a outfit post. I hope you like the outfit. I adore the white sakura skirt from so much, the shape is so beautiful and I adore the print even more! I just love blossoms and just can't wait to see them bloom again in spring! But as we all know it's autumn now and I feel very lucky with the good weather which really brightens up my day. The lovely thing is that this skirt can be worn in all seasons! The colors can be combined with pink but definitely also darker colors. I styled it with black but wanted to keep it sweet, so I used the flowered headband to add that romantic touch. You can buy the skirt in sales now, so for those who are so in love with this skirt as I do, this is your lucky day. :3
Besides that I'm happy that I could talk to Maiko so much lately! She can always make me smile though she can't see it. X'D She is kind and works so hard to achieve her dream. That's why I admire and respect her so much. The bracelet you see in a few pictures below, is one of the gifts she send to me! Isn't it beautiful! Thank you so much Maiko! *W*  She also wrote about me on her own blog: . Check it out, she even wrote in English! She is too kind! ^_^

Skirt: - Top: Zara - Bracelets: Gift from Maiko - Headband; DIY - Bag: Vintage

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Flee Market

~ Meat Loaf -

A while ago we went to the flee market on Sunday morning. It was sunny and a perfect day to go out. Me and Paris love flee markets since it gives a vintage atmosphere. We walked around and found a few interesting things, but the best discovery was my teacup which was worth 22 euro and I only bought it for 2,5 euros. As you all perhaps know, I collect teacups and teapots, since I'm a little bit addicted, I guess. ^_^   Anyway, we also talked to a man who was selling camera's and lenses and gave us some advise. Do you guys visit flee markets sometimes?

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