Saturday, December 21, 2013

And so I go, inevitably...

~ - Lizz

London: "You always told me stars would guide me back home, although they only show at night!"

I found this song by accident and I adored it so much every since. I'm not really fond of all the cliche love songs, because I never ever seem to agree with the lyrics. If a melody is good but the lyrics doesn't persuade me, than it isn't good in my opinion. This song was so pure and I have felt like this song a while ago. I feel like only a few songs are written about struggling and problems, society,.. I don't know how you think about it, but I really dislike love songs with the typical cliche writing you hear over and over again which is why I don't often listen to the radio. A song needs to touch me and makes me listen to it over and over again and think about it. If a song manages to do that with me, than I call it a good song. When do you like a song?

About this look; it's an inspired Christmas look. I was thinking about snow, which unfortunately wont be here in Belgium soon jet. I always long for a white Christmas that's perfect. I don't care much about other holidays, but Christmas for me is the perfect holiday. Family that spends quality time together, plays games, talks for hours, smiles, laughing and all the warmth that's there for a moment. I always look forward to this time of the year. The dress from is just the perfect dress that would turn somebody in a fragile snowflake. And don't you thing the bag from gives the look just the playful 'twirling' touch it needs? is a wonderful online shop in my opinion. The prices aren't expensive and the quality of their products is really wonderful. Besides that, I wish I could really have such long brown hair, though this wig from looks so real in my opinion. Ow, don't these blue lenses from look amazing! I think it's so fascinating you can change the color of your eyes with lenses. It gives a complete different look. I really adore these blue circle lenses.I also want to thank for letting me win here Christmas Giveaway! These withe deers are so adorable and pretty! I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Dress: - Bag: - Sock: H&M - Wig: - Lenses:   - Hat: River Island

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Change for the Better

Hello Maddies, here we are with an update of our 'Start to Run' project. As you perhaps have seen on television special K had made a promotion video for their new three grain recipe as part of the  '" campaign. which inspired us to do something different and change things to improve ourselves and make ourselves feel more happy and confident, not to forget more healthy.

  • Me and my sister always were bad at eating vegetables, fruit, or even eating. We skipped breakfast, at little when we didn't liked dinner. I dare say we poorly drank any water, if it was three glasses it would have already been a lot. We realized this wasn't healthy at all, so we decided to change that.
We hope you can be inspired by the campaign as much as we do since here are a few thing that helped us: 
  • With what did ''start to run"help us:
    • First of all: it makes our head light and the only thing you think about is breathing, listening to the music, enjoying the surroundings and watching where you run of course. 
    • Besides that we started drinking a lot more water because your body asks for it! Our body needs water to function properly. Water is besides oxygen the most important thing human beings need. It's the base of all biological processes. It's important for: 
      • The digestive tract (transport of the nutritious substances)
      • The body temperature (to stay stable)
      • ...
    • It decreased our stress. Perhaps you are thinking "Ooh, I will bet tired, sweaty,..." and to be honest we thought this as well, but you won't feel tired after running, not mentally, your body perhaps a little, but it's really a wonderful light feeling you have in your head after running. Yes, you will be sweaty, but you can enjoy a shower twice as much after that. 
    • Your stress decreases and you will sleep better! It's not good to sit behind the computer for hours to work on an essay for school and watch television after you work is finished. Getting some exercise and fresh air makes you feel much better. (I can't deny I can enjoy watching television very much too after a long tiring day!)  You can describe it like: running away from your problems temporary. 
We hope this can encourage you to start to run, or at least give it a try. Or you can of course do other sports you like more, though for running you don't need much more than proper running shoes and sports bra. Make sure you have those, because without those you can injure you body!!! So go to a local sport shop where they can help you, or you can help yourself find the proper equipment. ^_^

As for the food, here are some fun facts about food which makes you want to eat them!!
  • Vitamin A - Gives you a smooth skin and health forehead. It also is good for your eyes!
    • Melon, grapefruit,  apricots, carrots, broccoli, sweet potato's, pumpkin, eggs.
  • Vitamin B - Prevents your skin from becoming greasy and get less acne. 
    • Banana's, chicken, tuna, crustaceans, avocado, beans, nuts, eggs, milk, whole grains.
  • Vitamin C - Lessens scars, bruises. It's also good for your immune system. 
    • The sun, (3 to 4 times in the sun per week for 15 minutes), milk products, tuna and salmon.
  • Vitamin E - Gives you a healthy skin. Lessens scars and protects your skin from damaging influences. 
    • Juice, spinach, aspersions, broccoli, nuts. 
  • Vitamin K - Prevents dark circles underneath your eyes. 
    • Spinach, beet, parsley, lettuce, coli flower.  

Aren't these reasons for you to eat them all? It was an encouragement for us to do so. As you know (or not) we have a lot of trouble with dark circles. Lets try eating a little more spinach, beet, lettuce,... shall we?! <(^_^)>

Thursday, December 12, 2013

... so I can stand on mountains

Westlife -

London: "When I'm still awake here in the silence, until you come and sit a while with me."

There is always that one person who knows you better than you do yourself. Always that one person who tells you, you can surpass that mountain in times it may have seem impossible. There is always that person who's sitting beside you, even when you didn't realize her of him sitting there and in the end you realize you would never been able to eventually stand on top of that mountain, if the person next to you, right next to you on that mountain, wouldn't have been there for you all the time. You have always a person you admire, and the person I admire most, is the person who is always sitting right beside me even when I don't realize she's there.

I was inspired by cuteness when I wanted to wear this lovely coat from . The coat is so fluffy and has bear ears! How can that not be adorable? Though I was inspired by cuteness, I still wanted to give it a dark touch. And so I did with the dark velvet skirt and the dark YSL lipstick. I adore the design of YSL lipstick, but I'm not very fond of the lipstick itself though, though the color is truly amazing!

Coat: - Top: - Skirt: - Shoes:

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

DIY Macaroons

Hello mad readers! This video is part of the Kellogg's "Change for the Better" project. We wanted to show you how to make macaroons. It's very easy, quick and super delicious. Sometimes you don't need to buy sweets since you can make them yourself and add more healthy food to it that makes is more healthy and even more delicious. Did you know walnuts are at the top of our list for increasing omega-3? Here are some fun facts I found:
  • Walnuts Improve Sleep (wish is good for me since I'm having sleeping problems. Check out the post about stress and sleeping problems '')
    • Because: The body's pineal gland produces the hormone "" that induces sleep and helps regulate sleep.
  • Walnuts lower your risk of gallstones and lower your bad cholesterol risks
  • Walnuts improve blood vessel health
  • -...

Since we wanted to be somehow increase eating walnuts, we decided to make macaroons from them. 
Read more to find out wish easy ingredients we have used.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Once upon a December

Hello dearies! I don't have much time to write, because my (paris) weekend is very busy! I went to Bruges with the family of my boyfriend. His mother wanted to celebrate her birthday there, so we visited it. It is a very beautiful city! I really loved it! Today I'm going to snowboard for the second time! Wish me luck!
Oh yes! The giveaway winner is:  We will sent a mail to Rosegal to let them know that you won :)
Paris is wearing: Dress: Chicwish - Cardigan: - Shoes: H&M - Wig:

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Life is old there, older than the trees

~  John Denver-

London: "Dark and dusty, painted on the sky. Misty taste of moonshine, teardrop in my eye "

I can't express how how fond I am about this top from . The texture and form is really wonderful. It felt like I was wearing a designer piece. Perhaps the the cause of that was, that has a young and professional design team. They do research, search for the latest FW trend and make them affordable! My first impression of the side was literally "wow"! But after I received this top, I became a even bigger fan of this site. I'm really happy about the texture, pattern and the size firs me perfectly. I combined it with my long black pants to give it a clean look and wanted to drawn the attention to the top. We are still getting used to the more modern looks, though we absolutely love it. We need to experiment some more and we sure let you see some more modern looks in the future.

Top & Necklace: - Pants & Shoes: H&M - Bag: Vintage

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