Friday, November 29, 2013

Lookbook VS What I Wear

Lookbook VS What I Wear

Hellow fellow bloggers. I guess almost everybody has heard of these two websites even if you aren't on one of these platforms. We wanted to give our experience with them and would love you to comment your experience as well, or whether you do or don't agree.

Starting with Lookbook. is the first platform we had joined to show our look and discover new looks. As soon as we started we realized it wasn't easy to get 'hypes'. We recently started so our pictures weren't that professional like all the pictures on the hot page. Gradually we started learning more about photography and bought a new lens. Ever since than our look were getting more 'hypes'.
Lookbook has a system that makes it very hard to get your spot on the hot-page. The people who are the longest on Lookbook get priority. You have to post regular if you want to make sure you would like to receive the hot page. You need to collect enough 'karma' with you looks, but seeing the 'popular' girls and boys who have been there longer, getting on the hot page almost every time are getting more hypes and receiving more karma each time, which makes it almost impossible for the newcomers to achieve there spot on the hot page. Besides that, I think that not only the outfits are important but also the photographs, like I explained before. There are a lot of people who have a beautiful look, but don't have the camera to get such a 'perfect' picture. Lot's of people are attracted by beautiful pictures and  sceneries (which I do like as well of course!!) but, I think the outfit is what's important, right? What I can't deny is that Lookbook definitely gains you traffic!

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Now about . What I wear did only start recently and wasn't very popular in the beginning. We were doubting to start, because you already have so much platform to maintain like: facebook, twitter, intagram, lookbook and your own blog of course. After a while we decided to give it a try and we liked it. Now What I Wear is also getting more popular and we are certain it is going to get more popular soon! What we like about what I wear is that they have a overvieuw of all the looks on the hot and new page. You can compare looks, have more chance to get 'wowed" and besides that, the quality of your pictures aren't that important, because the pictures are shown a lot smaller. People do look more at the outfits than the Photograph. What I wear doesn't gain us a lot of traffic though, but we're certain that will change in the future. For newcomers, we recommend this platform the most!

IWhat is your experience with these two sites?

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I just got lost

~ Ryan Woodward -

London: "I just got lost and slept right through the dawn and the world spins madly on."

Do you have a certain dream, fantasy you keep holding on to? Something you didn't achieve, but still wish to achieve even though it's only in your head since it's impossible in reality. Urging for it, but not regretting anything you have done to come this far, but not far enough. It's like you have climbed the stairs, but you just haven't stepped on the last one for several reason. I'm glad that I have avoided the last stair which would have lead me to a different path that perhaps lead to hating what I loved most. Nowadays I only try to achieve what I have always wanted to achieve, only it's in my dream, my world and nothing can go wrong, nobody can hurt you since it's all yours and yours only. Reaching for things passionately is worth more than achieving something which would end up badly.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Have a little faith in me

~ John Haitt -
Paris: "When the road gets dark and you can no longer see. Just let my love throw a spark and have a little faith in me."

Trusting people is sometimes harder than you think and just when you're about the get hold to it, being able to understand the meaning of trust, it gets taken away out of your hands unable to pull it back because you are now asking the same question you did before; "what is trust?" I do believe it's hard to regain faith in somebody when you had tried so hard to have trust in all that surrounded you, and one person, only one person can take it away. That one person that makes you doubt everything and probably not even realizing that he caused an enormous damage in my mind but also in my heart. I blame myself for not being able to trust others, but I blame him for taking my trust away. Taking away something that wasn't his, something that didn't belong to him, and yet, he just took it like it was a present I was about to give to him, but he took it way to early and he took away to much, so I was and will be unable to regain what I ones had. And people start wondering why people become so distant, careful and separate themselves from the rest of world. For me, it isn't any surprise that people do, because I've seen the world for what it really like.  "Don't think for a beat it makes it better and when you sit her down and tell her everything gonna be all right 
She knows in society she either is a devil or an angel with no in between. She speaks in the third person so she can forget that she's me!" ~ Emilie Autumn (Written by London, about a recent experience.)

The outfit was inspired by the autumn colors and male business outfits with a colorful touch. The coat from was just perfect for this outfit. It's a great coat for autumn. Because the coat itself in our opinion had to be the eye-catcher, we decided to remain the rest of the look monochrome.

Coat: - Pants: H&M - Shoes: - Blouse: Romwe - Glasses:

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Rosegal international GIVEAWAY


Hello dear mad readers! were kind enough to sponsor this giveaway for you guys, isn't that amazing! They sell vintage clothing but also clothing with a modern touch. They sell dresses to pants, coats and jewelry. There is something for everybody for sure. The clothing isn't expensive and the quality is great . We have already selected a few of our favorites, but it sure was hard to choose since they really have many amazing items!

Blue dress: - Printed dress: - Cardigan: - Yellow coat: - Turquoise coat:
What can you win? We'll chose one winner who can chose 1 item out of 5 items whom you can see in the pictures below. The winner will be chosen in 10 days!

Blue Blouse: - White blouse: - Striped dress: - Long dotted dress: - Long dress:

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Can you count the stars where you are?

~ Howie Day -
London: "Are you lost where you are? Can you find your way when you're so far. Do you fear, where your are? A thousand nights alone."

Here you have a dreamy outfit. I somehow sometimes have a sudden inspiration and urge to dress up like this. Escaping the darkness and step into a different world I can only be allowed in sometimes. Then the first foot you step into it, you can look around and see things from a different point of view, forget reality and believe in what you want to believe, even though it's just for a moment. Is it dark where you are and can you count a thousand stars where you are? I want to count them over and over again, closing my eyes after that and just smiling because you know you will never be able to count them all. It about finding and trying things even though they aren't able to be found or never done before. It's about challenging yourself to step over a certain edge and do thing you have never done before, because it's only you who can convince yourself to jump even though you never had a reason to jump in the first place. It's about searching for things, but finding other things you haven't been searching for.

Dress & Necklace: Romwe - Flowered Headband: DIY - Blouse: Local store - Socks: River Island - Wig:

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Good day! How are you? I promised to show you some works. It is not something amazing, but yeah, it are paintings. I still have a lot to learn, but I hope you like them :)

Thursday, November 14, 2013


~- Nirvana 
Paris: 'Oh yeah, I guess it makes me smile. I found it hard, it was hard to find. Oh well, whatever, nevermind!'

Hello dearest readers! Paris speaking (writing). It's a long time that I wrote on this blog! I'm very busy for school! I always wake up at 6 'o clock and I'm back home at 8pm. So when I'm home I'm really tired! But I will show you what I paint! (I'm studying painting at the moment!). But me and my sister are going to make 4 outfit pictures at Sunday, so you will have some more entertainment on our blog! I'm wearing a lovely baroque-like dress witch is perfect to wear for a special occasion!

Paris is wearing: Dress: - Vest and bow: H&M - Shoes: New Look - Earrings:

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Feeling like nothing can go wrong

~ Nonono -
London : "On the road again moving on, forward. Stick and stones want break our bones."

Hello everybody. Sorry for the lack of post again, but we hope we can make it up with some new outfit posts and reviews soon. Here I'm wearing a lovely dress from . I adore the print on this dress, it gives it a playful touch. I styled it with a printed cardigan from because I wanted to combine prints to give it an extra playful touch and because it's getting colder in Belgium, we need to have thick cardigans like this to combine with lovely dresses, don't you agree?! The glasses are from and I haven't worn them very much, but I thought they suited this look very well. Do you like combining prints? 
Dress: - Cardigan: - Shoes: River Island - Bag: Pimkie - Glasses:  - Earrings:

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Nom Nom Nom

London: "If it's a wish that can be fulfilled, then fulfill it. If there's hesitation and worries, then remove the sources of worries altogether."

Simply sharing some pictures of food we ate. We love going out and eating, but sometimes we just forget to take pictures of it. (People really look strange at you when you try to take a picture from your lunch/dinner). Well, lately I tried to take pictures and here are the amazing delicious meals we have eaten.

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