Saturday, September 21, 2013

It's been inside us all the time!

London: "Sometimes we just can't find the strength, so we just have to look harder. Find it, swallow it so we become well aware that it's inside us until we forget again."  

Hello best maddies out there! It's been a while since we have posted something new onto this blog, not that we haven't anything to post. We still have so many post for you all about events, outfits and lovely bars, but first we wanted to share the outfit London wore at Antwerp Fashion Festival. We went to the opening of the new store from  and also went to Pinko (that post still has to come) It's probably something you wouldn't see us wear often since this outfit is more modern. We are really fond of the black and white trend and we also decided to wear more modern clothes sometimes since we really like it as well. What do you guy think of this outfit? Besides, taking these pictures was so embarrassing! It was in the 'rich, expensive' shopping streets in Antwerp. x') We'll hope you enjoy the outfit and the pictures.
Coat: Zara - Blouse: Zalando - Shoes: Urban Outfitters - Skirt and Blouse: New Look - Necklace: H&M


Gavina said...

Love this. That orange blazer looks gorgeous with the monochrome.

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. said...

I really like this post , it looks great , everything fits nicely together , I don't think that there is anything to be worried about You look great :) x

beverly |

MateaTPol said...

beutifull and bag is so lovely!

Live-Style20 said...

awesome!! ;-)0

i invite to me too

Brenda evans said...

love the look!(ofcourse as usual :P) <33

ice pandora said...

You remind me of Audrey Hepburn,
no kidding! You look very classy London c: Ik ben benieuwd naar
die Liu Jo en Pinko! Xx

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: fabulous color combination. Very trendy. I see that you wear stockings. Keep in touch

Brenda Lu said...

perfect combination!
i love modern too!

Unknown said...

Black and white are such classic combo, you can never go wrong with it really. I like the pop of colour from the coat.


Akshara Vivekananthan said...

Love your Zara coat- what a pretty, simple, and a lovely pop of color to your black and white outfit!! Beautiful!!

Simply Akshara

Corinne said...

Love the outfit! Esp the bag =)

Corinne x

Dress your life. said...

Prachtige jas!
Naomi, x

Tabet said...

Sweet pictures and a great outfit! :)

Unknown said...

Perfect outfit!
Really love your blog! Following u!
Keep in touch ;)

Anonymous said...

Het staat je echt super goed vind ik, die jas heeft zo'n mooie kleur! :)


Angie J. said...

Love this actually! Even though it's more 'modern' (I guess streamlined?) than your usual dreamy stuff, it does still suit your style! x

Unknown said...

Looking so sweet! Love the blazer <3

Kate said...

The outfit is really cute. I love that you took pictures here because they really turned out!

Kate from Clear the Way

Elegantesque said...

Such a great look, love the orange tone !

Elegantesque Blog

Anonymous said...

Het is inderdaad een heel ander stijl, but I'm loving it Ruby! You look FAB!

Monica Harmony's Blog

Nicole Aguinaldo said...

Such a lovely look :)

Unknown said...

love love love voor die jas! zo mooi!

xo Charlotte - aliceroxy

Anonymous said...

amazing outfit <3

Unknown said...

I love your look! :)

elarmariodelanena said...

I´m in love with your coat! It´s awesome! love the combination of colours on it
thanks for visiting

Katie Frank said...

You look so stunning and so high fashion so I just can't <3

Girls, any of you would you like to be my penpal :) ?

Katie Frank said...

you look gorgeous <3 i love this look!

Jo said...

Wahhh! The outfit is super adorable. It's simple and clean, and the colors are such a perfect match!

Unknown said...

great photos, love the outfit!

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