Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dear Diary

Dear diary,
Last days I try to escape the darkness that seems to surround me. It's like endless rain that keeps falling and you keep wishing for that ray of sunshine that refuses to shine. A frustrating feeling is notable in my chest but it's hard to describe the correct feeling. If I only knew a how to express myself, but no words can. I know there is a road right, right there in front of me, but the mist is too thick and I don't know whether I should go left or right. Perhaps forward is an option, but it's feels like every movement can be the way to jump of the cliff, delicate and wrong. Diary, I guess everybody sometimes has to take there flashlight to shine through the mist to not crash, but what if the light isn't there to grab? Luckily I manage myself from falling and keep thinking about lovely things I did and still want to do, though it will take a while before I can do them. Something overwhelms me and keeps me captured, keeping me where I am now, but I feel that I soon will jump out of it, since what my friend says is true! "After rain comes sunshine". One day it will start shining more bright than it has ever done which means I will become stronger, bright and cheerful. One day again, I want to shine as bright as the biggest star in the sky. The sky tonight is very beautiful and so quiet. It's like there is finally peace in my head. A clear sky and clear mind to end the day with is just a great start for a new beginning. I'm curious what tomorrow will bring since I should see everyday as a new adventure. Goodnight!


Anonymous said...

Lovely! It is awesome.

Mandy vd Meer said...

I love the pictures! And your words are so true ;)

Ruby And Siel said...

That's the spirit girl! :)
En je schrijft toch echt wel mooi eigenlijk, zonde dat het zo druk is tegenwoordig, anders kon je je weer laten gaan in het verhalen en gedichten schrijven! :)

Victoria said...

I started following you today after seeing your blog featured on Sam's blog 'Fancy Melody'. You seemed really inspiring! Keep blogging :)

Elisabeth said...

Lovely and inspirational photos!

E from Helsinki

Michelle said...

love your style.
so pretty

much love

hope you'll take a look

Katie Frank said...

i totally understand your feelings.. aw. beautiful photos honey.

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